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Behind The SOC Academy

Hello! My name is Laura, a passionate entrepreneur and especially a cybersecurity enthusiast. After obtaining my title as a University Expert in Reverse Engineering and Malware Intelligence, I had the idea—encouraged by the VirusTotal team—to take my knowledge one step further by creating something unique: The SOC Academy. Here, we offer online courses designed to teach you how to utilize and maximize all the functionalities that VirusTotal has to offer. I invite you to try my courses, starting your journey towards mastering VirusTotal!

About the VirusTotal course

VirusTotal is the de facto tool in the cybersecurity industry.
Imagine maximizing its potential and standing out in an
industry that increasingly needs professionals like you, thanks to our VirusTotal official certification.

Welcome to The SOC Academy, your gateway to mastering VirusTotal. Our expertly curated courses offer in-depth insights into utilizing VirusTotal to its fullest potential. Dive into a world where cybersecurity meets innovation, and emerge as a professional adept in one of the industry’s most critical tools, achieving our VirusTotal official certification.

To embark on this journey, you’ll need a basic understanding of cybersecurity concepts and a keen interest in enhancing your skills. Familiarity with VirusTotal is beneficial but not mandatory. Access to a stable internet connection and a device capable of handling our interactive course modules is essential. Most importantly, bring your enthusiasm for learning and a commitment to excellence.

Upon completing the course, you will receive the only official certification for VirusTotal proficiency. This certificate is a testament to your skills and dedication, recognized across the cybersecurity industry. It not only validates your expertise but also opens doors to new opportunities and advancements in your career.

Our certification is backed by a panel of esteemed cybersecurity experts and educators, in collaboration with industry leaders. The SOC Academy is recognized for its commitment to quality education and adherence to the highest standards. Our partnership with the creators and maintainers of VirusTotal ensures that our certification is both authentic and highly regarded in the field.

The sole official VirusTotal certificate

VirusTotal stands as the quintessential tool in the cybersecurity industry.
Envision harnessing its full capabilities and distinguishing yourself in a field that progressively values experts like you, bolstered by our VirusTotal official certification.

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The SOC academy is the only company that issues official certificates for VirusTotal

Industry standard

VirusTotal is the de facto standard tool used by the cybersecurity industry

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Curious to learn how the VirusTotal certification works?​

Take a look into how our VirusTotal courses work – an ideal opportunity to explore the depth of our offerings. Dive into a closer examination, gaining a comprehensive overview of the wealth of insights our courses provide. Start your VirusTotal journey today with our complimentary resources, and uncover the transformative insights that await you.

Take a look into how our VirusTotal courses work – an ideal opportunity to explore the depth of our offerings. Dive into a closer examination, gaining a comprehensive overview of the wealth of insights our courses provide. Start your VirusTotal journey today with our complimentary resources, and uncover the transformative insights that await you.

VirusTotal Course Curriculum



Dive into the detailed reporting features of VirusTotal. Learn how to interpret reports for files, IP addresses, and domains, gaining valuable insights into potential cybersecurity threats.


Explore the extensive capabilities of VirusTotal's search functionalities. This section covers everything from simple to advanced search techniques, enabling users to effectively navigate and utilize the platform for diverse cybersecurity analysis needs.


Master the art of cyber threat hunting with VirusTotal. From crafting YARA rules to utilizing Livehunt and Retrohunt features, this section equips you with the skills for proactive threat detection and analysis.


Understand the common patterns and trends in cybersecurity threats with VirusTotal's intelligence commonalities. This section focuses on identifying and analyzing recurring elements in security threats.


Learn to visualize and investigate cybersecurity threats using VirusTotal Graph. This tool aids in simplifying complex data and uncovering hidden connections in cyber investigations.

Network artifices

Explore the tools and techniques used in VirusTotal to analyze and identify network artifacts, gaining essential skills for managing and understanding cyber threats across network infrastructure.

Case Study

Examine in-depth case studies, like the analysis of Cobaltstrike, to understand how specific threats operate and how they can be detected and mitigated using VirusTotal's tools and resources.

Advanced Topics

Dive into advanced topics such as automation and data ingestion to streamline your cybersecurity practices. This section focuses on leveraging advanced features of VirusTotal for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

Use Cases

Explore practical applications of VirusTotal in real-world scenarios. This section provides practical insights into the versatile utility of VirusTotal in various cybersecurity scenarios.

Be ready for the industry, thanks to the VirusTotal official certification

The industry needs professionals of all kinds. Be prepared with the latest knowledge required to access the best job positions, thanks to our VirusTotal course.

In the dynamic world of cybersecurity, being equipped with cutting-edge skills is crucial. Our VirusTotal course is specifically designed for security analysts and researchers, offering comprehensive training that empowers you with the knowledge and proficiency needed in today’s market. This course not only enriches your understanding of VirusTotal's functionalities but also ensures you are well-prepared to tackle the challenges and seize the best job opportunities in the cybersecurity industry. Embrace the chance to stand out as a skilled professional, ready to make significant contributions in various roles.

For malware analysts seeking to elevate their expertise, our VirusTotal course is a game-changer. It provides in-depth knowledge and practical skills essential for analyzing and combating malware effectively. This specialized training ensures that you are at the forefront of malware detection and analysis, armed with the latest tools and techniques offered by VirusTotal. By completing this course, you position yourself as a highly capable and sought-after professional in the field of malware analysis, ready to take on advanced roles and challenges in the cybersecurity industry.

Tailored for the dynamic role of incident responders, our VirusTotal course equips you with advanced skills and strategies essential for effective cyber threat management and response. Through this specialized training, you gain a profound understanding of how to leverage VirusTotal's capabilities in real-time incident analysis and mitigation. This knowledge not only enhances your ability to swiftly identify and neutralize threats but also positions you as a key asset in any cybersecurity team, ready to handle high-stakes situations and protect against complex cyber attacks.

Our VirusTotal course offers cybersecurity consultants an invaluable opportunity to deepen their expertise and broaden their toolkit. This training provides a thorough understanding of how VirusTotal can be utilized for comprehensive security assessments, threat intelligence, and strategic advisory services. As a consultant, mastering VirusTotal through our course will enhance your ability to offer informed, cutting-edge solutions to clients, ensuring their cybersecurity posture is robust and resilient. This knowledge not only solidifies your role as a trusted advisor in the cybersecurity domain but also opens doors to more advanced consultancy opportunities across various industries.

For forensic analysts in the cybersecurity field, our VirusTotal course is a crucial stepping stone towards mastering digital investigations. This training dives deep into the use of VirusTotal for uncovering and analyzing cyber threats, providing you with the skills to extract and interpret critical data effectively. By integrating VirusTotal's comprehensive capabilities into your forensic analysis toolkit, you enhance your ability to uncover the digital footprints of cyber incidents. This expertise is vital for solving complex cybersecurity cases and positions you as a proficient forensic analyst, equipped to meet the challenges of today's rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Our VirusTotal course is an essential resource for students and educators aiming to stay at the forefront of cybersecurity education. For students, it offers a hands-on opportunity to learn about one of the most powerful tools in cyber defense, bridging the gap between academic theory and real-world application. For educators, this course serves as a valuable source of updated material, enriching the curriculum with practical, industry-relevant content. By integrating VirusTotal's functionalities into your learning or teaching toolkit, you ensure that the next generation of cybersecurity professionals is well-versed in critical tools and strategies, ready to face the challenges of the future.

For personnel in government and law enforcement agencies, our VirusTotal course is a strategic asset. It provides in-depth training on leveraging VirusTotal for national security and cybercrime investigations. This course enhances your capabilities in threat intelligence gathering, analysis of malicious activities, and coordination of effective cyber defense strategies. By mastering VirusTotal, you gain a significant edge in safeguarding national interests and enforcing cyber laws, ensuring you are well-equipped to address complex cybersecurity challenges in the public sector with proficiency and confidence.

Our VirusTotal course is specifically tailored for IT professionals seeking to amplify their cybersecurity skill set. In this era of escalating cyber threats, understanding and utilizing VirusTotal can significantly enhance your ability to safeguard IT infrastructures. This course offers comprehensive insights into using VirusTotal for network security analysis, threat detection, and system protection. As an IT professional, mastering these skills through our training not only boosts your proficiency in managing cybersecurity risks but also elevates your value within any organization, preparing you to tackle advanced IT security challenges with expertise and confidence.

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Bernardo Quintero
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"I can confidently say this is the most comprehensive VirusTotal course to date."
Ana Tinoco
Google Solutions Consultant
"Super easy to follow, yet it quickly ramped up from basic concepts to advanced techniques. Highly recommended."